Monday, August 6, 2007

Say Hi To Meaty!

Hello, to everyone in Webkinz world I am a bull dog that will be joining 3rd grade students this school year at Bonnie Garcia Elem. I will be meeting my new friends on August 27th, the first day of classes. I can not wait to start our adventure together. I bet it'll be lots of fun!

Signing Out,


Anonymous said...

Hello Meaty!
I hope you are a friendly bulldog and get along with cats! Where do you live Meaty! I live in Canada.
I am waiting to meet my kids too!
Well I'm off to hunt for mice,
From, Alley Cat

Anonymous said...

Hello Meaty!
It's great to see what you look like. You don't look too scary to me! It looks warm and sunny where you are, and you have a nice yard to run around in. You don't have too long before you will be inside working with your new friends.
Good Luck,