Thursday, January 31, 2008

Christmas Presents in January!!!

Such excitement in the classroom for the new grades 4 and 5. Christmas presents for them arrived in January from their Canadian penpals. So, when school resumed this week, the cards were opened. Further, to their delight was the fact that a second parcel had arrived and it contained gorgeous little presents, wrapped so nicely in red and green tissue paper. Upon opening them,students found little handcrafted reindeers, made from pegs and again decorated so beautifully. Of course Patch was there amongst all the action. It is so interesting that a vitural pet, introudced us to and brought us penpals from another country. How fabulous all this technology is and what powerful learning it creates.
From Patch....
I had to start back at school on January 29th with the other students. I had a good holiday over 5 weeks and went to the beach and the pool. Some days it was very hot. It even got to 107.6 deg farhenheit, or 42 deg celsius in Australia. Anyway, it is good to be back and I liked watching the students open their presents from Canada. I know some of the pets from webkinz that belong to those students, so I found it really interesting. Anyway, the bell has gone and I have to get back to class. I hope you can see the little Christmas reindeer around my neck.

Two Very Special Days!!

My class celebrated two very special days this past week. January 29th was Kansas' 147th birthday! Happy Birthday Kansas! We celebrated by having an open house and wax museum so that people from our town could come and learn more about famous people from Kansas. Some students chose sport stars from Kansas like Barry Sanders or Jackie Stiles. Some students chose historical figures from Kansas like Buffalo Bill Cody or Carrie Nation. Some students chose musicians like Martina McBride or Charlie Parker. But my favorite was a fictional character from Kansas...Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! She let me hang out with her. See the picture?

We also celebrated out 100th day of school. Can you believe we've been in school for 100 days? The students worked hard putting together 100 Legos to create a really neat project.

Well, I need to get back to my friends. We still have lots to learn before the end of the year.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An Explosive Experiment

Hey everyone! My class has been studying volcanoes. So on a cold snowy day, we used a water bottle with homemade play dough to make a model of an active volcano. We poured water, vinegar and a drop of liquid soap into the bottle. Then we put baking soda in a small piece of tissue and dropped it into the bottle. Mrs. K thought it would have been better to do outside, but the weather kept us inside. It wasn't as messy as we thought, but it was sure fun to see the "lava" erupt from the volcano!