Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An Explosive Experiment

Hey everyone! My class has been studying volcanoes. So on a cold snowy day, we used a water bottle with homemade play dough to make a model of an active volcano. We poured water, vinegar and a drop of liquid soap into the bottle. Then we put baking soda in a small piece of tissue and dropped it into the bottle. Mrs. K thought it would have been better to do outside, but the weather kept us inside. It wasn't as messy as we thought, but it was sure fun to see the "lava" erupt from the volcano!



Tracy Muller said...

Hi Radar!
We had a volcano explode in our classroom too! The children were amazed! Aren't science experiments awesome?
Love, Alleycat

Isabel said...

Hi Westwood Wonder Kids

It is Isabel from Brisbane Queensland Australia here, my class and I have been thinking of different ways we can help save the world
1 use green bags insrtead of plastic shopping bags
2 put a water tank next to your house and catch the rain water

by the way it was 29 degrees celcius here today which was great because i had a swim in the pool, i hope it is not too cold in Canada

Anonymous said...

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