Thursday, July 19, 2007

Meet Alley Cat

Hi Boys and Girls,

My name is Alley Cat.
I will be a part of Mrs. Muller's class in the Fall.
I am at the beach in Southampton.
I met this cat while walking along the beach.
He jumped out at me!
I think he wanted to be my friend.
I can't wait to meet you in September.
Please leave me a comment.
Alley Cat

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hello from Spike

Hello everyone! I'm Spikey Spike. That's the name I was given when adopted by the KinderKids last year. We had a great year together and now I'm on summer vacation. You can visit my own blog to find out what I'm doing this summer.

I can't wait for the new school year to begin so I can meet a new class of KinderKids. I'm also excited about the possibilities of traveling to visit other classrooms.
Deerfield, New Hampshire is a great place to call home but it's fun to learn about other places in the world. Guelph, Ontario - woo hoo, I can't wait!

Hoppy Trails,

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Meet Miss Miner

Meet Miss Miner--the official student in Ms. Plummer's first block science/social studies class at Mint Hill Middle School. We look forward to sharing our adventures with all of you.

Our Class Webkin has been chosen

In order to get into the whole Webkin thing, I bought one yesterday. It was rather surreal. I registered her, and when her (Miss Miner--we are the Mint Hill Miners) birthday came up--it is/was the birthday of my only sister!! She is a gorgeous koala. I will be visiting our school some time tomorrow, probably, to see if I can log on through our rather stringent firewall so that we can get to this at school. I sure hope so!! Im leaving everything--room, etc.--up to the beginning of school so that we can all do it together. I know my students are going to really enjoy this. If Miss Miner gets lonely, there was a darling little kitty that I thought wanted to keep her company. (I have cats all over my classroom, being one of those crazy cat ladies.) I'll post more later.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Eager to participate

Our first day of school will be Augusst 27th for students, August 20th for us. I am at Mint Hill Middle School, teaching exceptional education resource. We are divided into 4 90 minute blocks a day, with 4 minutes passing time and 25 minutes for lunch.

My first block class will be a class of 6th, 7th and 8th grade EC social studies/science students. We meet on alternate days. I am responsible for teaching the grade appropriate standard course of study for these children, so am feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point with 6 preparations here. Using the blogging (hopefully I can access this at school and let the kids write themselves) will be a great tool to help prepare them for their 7th grade writing class (did I mention that I will also be teaching one block of 6th language arts and one 7th language arts--and I have had to become certified in all core subjects at the secondary level in order to teach in NC because of the No Child Left Behind.)

I love the suggestions for the first day of school. I will have our pet with me on back-to-school night (Webkins are in very short supply here. I saw a few yesterday and fell in love with the Panda and Koala.) The students in the first block class will name her and we will go from there.

I forsee this as a great tool for use in my behavior plans also. (My students are learning disabled, ADHD, ADD, high level austistic and beharior/emotional disordered). They will love being able to take "'kin" home for the weekend and/or holidays.

My plan, if they are unable to get into a blog area, is to have them e-mail me with their postings and I will do simple cutting and pasting into the area.

Will we be able to post pictures? I keep my digital camera with me always and usually have some great candids.

Thanks for allowing us to participate!! I'd love to get the locations from all the participants so that we can keep our world map well pinned!!

I am from Charlotte, NC and our school is out in the county, SW of the big city. We are the home of the Carolina Panthers pro football team and the Carolina Bobcats NBA team. Banking/finance is our primary business with HQ for Wachovia and Bank of America being here.