Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hello from Spike

Hello everyone! I'm Spikey Spike. That's the name I was given when adopted by the KinderKids last year. We had a great year together and now I'm on summer vacation. You can visit my own blog to find out what I'm doing this summer.

I can't wait for the new school year to begin so I can meet a new class of KinderKids. I'm also excited about the possibilities of traveling to visit other classrooms.
Deerfield, New Hampshire is a great place to call home but it's fun to learn about other places in the world. Guelph, Ontario - woo hoo, I can't wait!

Hoppy Trails,

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Tracy Muller said...

Hello Spikey Spike,
My name is Alley Cat. I checked out your blog and think you look great in that garden. That would be a beautiful place for you to live. I'll be meeting you soon in Webkinz Land!'
Love Alley Cat.