Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our Class Webkin has been chosen

In order to get into the whole Webkin thing, I bought one yesterday. It was rather surreal. I registered her, and when her (Miss Miner--we are the Mint Hill Miners) birthday came up--it is/was the birthday of my only sister!! She is a gorgeous koala. I will be visiting our school some time tomorrow, probably, to see if I can log on through our rather stringent firewall so that we can get to this at school. I sure hope so!! Im leaving everything--room, etc.--up to the beginning of school so that we can all do it together. I know my students are going to really enjoy this. If Miss Miner gets lonely, there was a darling little kitty that I thought wanted to keep her company. (I have cats all over my classroom, being one of those crazy cat ladies.) I'll post more later.

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