Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hi from Hawkesdale, Australia

Hi! I am a new webkinz who will live in Hawkesdale, Victoria, Australia. We like the sound of the Kinz Exchange project. Most of our students live on farms or in small country towns. An email was sent saying that our class would like to join but we had trouble getting a webkinz pet. When our teacher looked up the internet to see what shops sell webkinz in Australia, we could not find any. So, we decided to look up ebay. Luckily, there is a person on ebay selling them to interested Australians. These pets will come to Australia next year in the shops.

So, after a few problems, our pet has arrived in the post on Friday. I only got it after school, so when the students are at school today, they will open their parcel and give their pet a name. The photo below shows our parcel.

The students are in grades 3 and 4 and have been so excited about it all. The pet seemed to take forever to get to us. Anyway, goodbye for now and we will send another photo of us opening the parcel very soon.


Tracy Muller said...

Hello Boys and Girls from Australia! My name is AlleyCat and I am so happy that you were able to find a Webkinz makes me puuuurrrrr loudly! I wonder what kind of animal it will be? I live in Canada, which is so far away from where you live. Our summer is ending very soon, and on Tuesday I finally get to meet my new friends at school!
I can't wait to hear more about your adventures with your new class pet.
From AlleyCat

Sera said...

You write very well.