Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Snowball in Nevada


My name is Snowball. My classmates in Ms. Anderson's class are very strange, all 120 of them! Everyday they put a picture on the whiteboard and they all pull out these notebooks and begin writing in them. After that, they all get a book called, "The Magnificent Mummy Maker" by Elvira Woodruff. They read a chapter or two at a time. Then they work on spelling, prefixes or suffixes. The end of the class is when a bell rings and my classmates gather all of their things and leave me here on top of the overhead waiting for the next group. This all happens seven times a day. It's really confusing for a little dog.

I'll write more soon.



Tracy Muller said...

HI Snowball,
It's really nice to meet you! You sound a little nervous with all of those kids around you! I bet the kids love you. It took me awhile to get used to the little kids here in Canada. They take me home for sleepovers which is kind of fun. The other day they took me to the park to play. We saw a lot of colourful leaves on the ground. Good Luck, From AlleyCat

GlassArtis said...

Thanks AlleyCat,
Tomorrow my classmates are going to be giving presentations about the Magnificent Mummy Maker. It should be interesting. I'll see if Ms. Anderson will take some pictures of the projects to share with the Kinz Exchange.

PS, the leaves are turning colors here, too.