Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Big Snow!

Hi Everyone! It's me Alleycat! This is a picture of my webkinz friends after a big snow storm! I had to stay inside because I have a cold.
I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone who has been blogging here, and letting us know what you have been up to! xoxoxoxox Alleycat in Canada!


Webkinz said...

I have a newly purchase of Webkinz. I just bought in last February. It was a cheeky dog. It seems that everyone has being addicted on this virtual game

Mrs C said...

Hi Alleycat,
Wow - what a big pile of snow! Here in Brisbane it never snows because it is too hot!
We have been learning about Global Warming. We have put some videos of news reports about Global Warming on our Blogs.
Please have a look at our Blog:
From Mrs C and 3C (bythesea)

Jack said...

Hi alleycat Wow-what is a snowstorm!Here in brisbane it never snows because it is not close enough to the south pole.we have been learning about global warming.have you done earth hour?

oliviasjv said...

Hi Allecat, I like the snow you've had there. From olivia at sjv.

Callum said...

Hi Alleycat, We in 3C have been learning about
Global warming. You can help the planet by not leaving the tv turned on at night and walking or riding your bike instead of using your cars.
from callum

Breanna said...

Hi Alleycat what a big pile of snow!My name is Breanna!In Brisbane it never snows.In Brisbane it is very hot!

Tracy Muller said...

Hi Jack,
Yes we did celebrate Earth Hour in Canada. Wasn't that a great idea??? We should do it more often! From AlleyCat

Abbey said...

hey ally cat! why is there more snow in canada than in canberra? I use to live there. that was my first snowy trip. also come see my blog! theres a link to it.
theres a news report about global warming. thats part of our learning.

Abbey said...

I've got a webkinz! It's from ebay cause' I'm in astralia! It's a black poodle and he is very cute!

Anonymous said...

I don't let my webkinz come outdoors except when I have a Kinz party witih Snobbs,
I do that a lot.